Ray Cochrane

The Toronto Hunt, one of the oldest hunt clubs in North America and the second oldest in Canada, was founded in 1843.

Records show that on May 15th of that year it held its first hunt in association with the Turf Club at Sheppards Golden Lion Hotel about seven miles north of Toronto.

In 1933, The Toronto Hunt transferred all hunting property standing in its name and all rights there to those members engaged in hunting. Such members carried on the sport under the name of Toronto and North York Hunt. With this transfer, golf remained the sole sporting activity at The Toronto Hunt.

As years passed, the impracticality of a golf course bisected by a busy highway became more and more evident. Thus, in 1937, property was acquired to the west of the Clubhouse so that nine holes could be laid out south of Kingston Road.

In 1943, the property north of Kingston Road was sold. Today, The Toronto Hunt owns approximately 71 acres table land. The bluffs and beach measure approximately 2000 feet from east to west and the water rights extend 660 feet into Lake Ontario.